Do You Cook and Deliver For Special Events?

Yes. Email us contact@tuckfood.com

Can You Feed Our Entire Company?

Some bosses are kind enough to want to treat their staff or team to a decent feed once in a while (apparently the way to their hearts is through their stomachs....). We cook for entire companies regularly. Whether it's Curry, Tagine, Paella or Pie - we'll just pitch up with hot food whenever you like.

What Is Tuck’s Catchment Area?

We are based in London SW6 and deliver (even individual portions) free to anyone within our delivery zone mapped out here. We DO deliver further afield so email us at contact@tuckfood.com if you want to ask us directly…but if you are outside our delivery zone we generally ask for a minimum order quantity of between 5-10 lunches, depending on where you are!

Decent Portions, Delicious Food, Fair Price...How Come?

Offering such a simple menu means we can keep our costs down and our quality up. Customers self-heat, which also cuts our delivery costs

How Did It All Begin?

"Over the course of an 8-year career in London’s advertising and marketing communications agencies…I ploughed through thousands of mediocre sandwich platters, baked potatoes and other dodgy, desk-based working lunches.

In between two (hyper-stressful) freelance contracts – a great friend asked if I knew of a spare pare of hands to help out in her catering company. My hands were spare, I fancied a change of pace - so I helped. Washing up, peeling an onion at first…then writing an advert, building a website.

Sited on an industrial business park, with one café – lunch options were limited. Passing conversation with other workers on the site almost always went like this: “Smells amazing…when are you guys going to put us out of our misery and cook for us?”

My time was almost up there when the landlord of the industrial site sent a group email to everyone on the whole site. He was great at fire drills – no so great with bcc etiquette. Borrowing his list, I sent an email saying we were open for Thai Curry that Friday. They would have to come and get it…£4 each.

Just over 40 people turned up. Emails flooded in afterwards…what were we cooking next Friday? I was in a bit of shock…alright then…Tagine?

Tuck was born.

The idea behind Tuck has always been to cook a single, decent, classic, unfussy and freshly prepared option for lunch (a plat du jour if you like).

By offering one dish, I’d be able to focus on making it super-tasty and more cost effective than offering a range of choices. If I had faith in the dish, then there would be no need to offer a choice. Besides, choice is overrated and (I’d read somewhere) makes people unhappy.

That was a few years ago now. We started delivering further afield…our fan base grew….and here we are.

This is the end of Chapter 1. I’ve an idea of how I want Chapter 2 to go – but lets just see what happens. We’ll just carry on cooking for now.".

Charlie BH, Founder and Head Tea Boy @ Tuck

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